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Oversize PST Files

One of the very common problems amongst PST files is their 2GB limit. This was fixed as of Outlook 2003. Outlook versions of 2003 onwards use the unicode format which allows for a file size of 2GB. Earlier versions were using the ANSI format which was limited to 2GB.

So any of the following versions of Outlook are still exposed to the 2GB limit:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Outlook 2002 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Outlook 98 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Outlook 97 Standard Edition

If you have one of these outlook versions, you can try the free download of PST recovery.

While versions of Outlook 2003 onwards no longer suffer the 2GB PST limit on Personal Folders data, the limit still applies to IMAP accounts. The only way to get around the IMAP restriction is with Outlook 2007. This should allow for HTTP and IMAP accounts to use unicode, therefore the 2GB limit should no longer apply.

If you are still on an older version and have large email accounts, the only real option is to use archiving. Do not let your accounts hit the limit, or they will lock up and become unusable. If your accounts have hit the limit, you may need to run the recovery tool.

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