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Backup Outlook PST Files

Most Outlook users have no idea where the PST files are located or how to back them up. In Outlook, the PST file contains all your data for email, contacts, calendars and much more. If anything happens to the PST file, everything can be lost instantly, and it can be impossible to recover. In some cases, users have lost years worth of email and contact information. Don't let that happen to you.

The easiest way to backup your PST files is to be aware of where they are located and how you can access them. The easiest way to locate your PST files, select File -> Data File Managment from the Outlook toolbar. This will then open a list of all the PST files you are using in Outlook. You can then click on Open Folder to view the physical location of the PST files.

Once you have the folder location opened with your PST files, you can then simply copy and paste the PST files to a CD/DVD/external hard drive etc. You will then have a backup of your valuable PST data. We recommend automating this process with the built in XP or Vista backup system. That way you don't have to worry about it and you can feel confident knowing your backups are being done.

Restoring PST files is quite simple. You can either import them back into Outlook, or you can open the data file from the File -> Open menu. Alternatively you could manually copy the file back into its original location.

Just be aware of your Outlook PST files and their importance. If one is lost, you risk losing lots of crucial data. So put in the effort now to ensure you are protected.

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