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Recover corrupt, missing or oversized Outlook PST files

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PST Files and PST Repair

PST Files are storage files used in Outlook and PST actually stands for "Personal Storage Table". PST files keep local copies of all your email, calendars, contacts, notes and journals. These files are most commonly used in Outlook applications. When you use Outlook as your email client, everything in your account is stored in a PST file. If you have multiple accounts, then each may be using a different PST file. Since PST files store so much crucial data, it can be of great concern when a problem arises with one of your PST files. Also, prior to Outlook 2003, the file size was limited to 2GB. So once an email account grew above that size, the file would just lock itself - this is a common cause of PST troubles.

Common PST problems and error codes
Below are some common PST problems or error codes that you might experience. By this point your PST file may already be unusable, in which case you should run a scan immediately.

  • PST file has become corrupt or locked
  • PST file has exceeded the maximum size allowable (generally 2GB)
  • Outlook cannot find your PST file
  • "Outlook.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040116"
  • "An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040119"
  • "An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040600"
  • "pst has reached maximum size limit"
  • "OL2000: Unable to Use Your Personal Folder File if it Exceeds the 2 GB Size Limit"

Any PST problems should be taken very seriously and should never be ignored. For most people these days, email is a vital tool for communication and work needs. Make sure to always back up your email and if you do encounter problems, always use trusted, quality software for recovering your data. Click here to fix your PST files.

Outlook Password Recovery

Do you need to recover and Outlook password? In this case, your PST file is not corrupt and does not need repairing. What you need is an Office password recovery tool. This software can decrypt (open) data or it can use methods to retrieve lost passwords.

If you have lost your Outlook email or PST file password then you can try the following free download which will instantly retrieve passwords for any Office document - Including Outlook.

Free Download - Recover Outlook Passwords

Outlook Errors

These are some common Outlook errors. If you experience any of these errors, you should repair your Outlook files now or make sure you have backups.

An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040119
An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040600
Outlook.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040116
pst has reached maximum size limit
Cannot Open .pst File" Occurs When You Use a POP3 Server Profile with SQL Mail
0x80040116" error message when you start Outlook 2000 or open a personal folder file
Outlook.pst could not be accessed
OL97: Error Opening a Shortcut to an Item in a PST
OL98: Error Opening a Shortcut to an Item in a PST
OL2000: Unable to Open a Shared .pst File Without a Password
OL2000: Unable to Use Your Personal Folder File if it Exceeds the 2 GB Size Limit
OL2000: Error Opening a Shortcut to an Item in a PST
OL2000: When You Export Calendar Information to a .pst File the Invitation Sent Flag Is Not Saved
OL2000: Error Message Starting Outlook While .pst Backup In Progress
OL2000: Outlook Cannot Gain Access to Folders for Handling Messages, Appointments, and Addresses
OL2001: The PST File is Unavailable if the Network Connection Is Lost
OL2001: Personal Folders File Cannot Exceed 2 Gigabytes in Size
OL2002: You Cannot Open Default Mail Folders
OL2002: Error Message When You Copy a File to a PST That Exceeds 1.82 GB
OL2002: Outlook Stops Responding When You Import from an Open Local Hotmail PST File
PST is in use by another application
XCLN: Error Msg. Opening PST: The Folder Could Not Be Opened
OL98: ErrMsg: Opening Office Resource Kit File Forms2.pst
OL2000: ErrMsg "<path and filename>.pst could not be accessed"
Outlook 2007: "The file <Path>\SharePoint Lists.pst cannot be found
Errors have been detected in the file <file_path>
".pst is not compatible"

Outlook Express Recovery

Outlook and Outlook Express are two totally different programs. If you were looking for an Outlook Express recovery program, we also have you covered.

Outlook Express is extremely popular software that ships free with Microsoft Windows. Outlook Express is a more lightweight version of Outlook that is just for reading and sending of email. It uses .dbx files to store the messages instead of .pst files. These files can quite often suffer the same problems as .pst files.

To learn more about recovering Outlook Express email, read the following article. Or you can download Outlook Express Recovery right now.

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